Breitling Emergeny Watch – Rescue 911?

I stumbled upon an interesting post today on J.R. Dunn’s Jewelry Blog. The post discusses that Bear Grylls from Man VS. Wild wears a Breitling Emergency watch. The story goes into details about how the Breitling watch is a necessity if you are every in a life threatening situation.

So, exactly how can this Breitling watch save your life? Let’s take a closer look at the emergency feature of a Breitling Emergency Watch.

  • Designed for pilots and aircrews
  • Built in micro transmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency
  • In case of an emergency the Breitling watch will send a signal that rescuers can detect
  • Complements an aircraft’s own distress signaling equipment
  • Activated by unscrewing a protective cap and pulling out an antenna
  • Broadcasts for 48 hours
  • Has a range of up to 100 miles on a flat terrain and 20,000 feet in the air
  • In 2009 the satellite transmitted signal will be picked up on the 406 MHz digital frequency including
  • GPS and aircraft
  • Flight Management Systems

But like JR says, don’t activate the Breitling Emergency watch’s transmitter unless you really are in a dangerous situation. There is a $10,000.000 fine if you are not in a life or death situation.

Replacing Your Breilting Watch Band

A popular topic for Breitling watch owners is where purchase and how change their Breitling watch bands.

Replacing your Breitling watch band becasue of damage or for a new look is easy.

  1. Make sure your new Breitling watch band matches the style of your Breitling watch
  2. Make sure you choose a size that is the perfect fit for your Breitling Watch by using a watch band size chart.  Most Breitling watch bands come in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. In order to tell which size band you will need for your Breilting watch you should measure the space between the lugs of your Breitling.  Lugs are simply where your Breiting watch band attaches to your Breilting watch. If you need help The Watch Prince  has a very useful conversion chart that will help you measure distance between the lugs on your Breitling watch.
  3. Each Breitling band should come with some sort of warranty that protects it in case of damage or simple wear and tear.
  4. Make sure you are careful when switching out your Breitling watch band, or leave it to your local jeweler.  For a step by step guide on changing the band yourself, The Watch Prince also gives great tips including placing your Breitling watch band on cloth or a soft surface before working and using the right tools need to easily manuever the switch.

Breitling Watches 2008

Most Breitling watches loved by enthusiast are classics like the Breitling Navitimer watch or the popular Breitling for Bentley watch. However, 2008 has brought some new Breitling watches that are destined to be new classics for a different generation.

The Breitling Cockpit watch collection has a new design that is meant to blend the Breitling Cockpit watch with the Breitling Lady Cockpit watch. The watch design combines modern with classic by using large Roman numerals at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and at 12 o’clock. See the video below from The Breitling Source for a visual overview.

The Breitling Superocean Heritage watch is was designed as a professional Breitling diver’s watch and is used by diving enthusiast everywhere. The Breitling Superocean Heritage watch is a tribute to the old model by carrying the Breitling watch signature in 18-carat gold. The video below from The Breitling Source goes shows a great review of this Breitling watch.

Aviation’s Influence On Breitling

Aviation and Breitling watches are like a mother and her child, with out one, the other wouldn’t exist. Every watch designed, every chronograph tested, every screw inserted was influenced by aviation throughout their existence.

Taking a look at Breitling history of watch designs cannot not be done without looking at the history of aviation. From 1884 until today, the rich influence of man in the air is not just noticable but clearly evident.

In 1884 the a star was born as Leo Breitling opens his workshop specializing in chronographs and precision counters for systematic and industrial purposes only, soon that passion will be focused on consumers around the world.

In 1891 German Otto Lilienthal, the father of aviation flew 50 meters in his glider. The very next year Leon Breitling relocated to La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Mecca of watch making.

In 1913 Aldophe Pegoud, king of the air, loops the first loop in aviation. The next year Leon Breitling dies and his son Gaston takes over the family business. The very next year Breitling consumption with aviation begins as the company led by Gaston creates the first wristwatch chronograph and provides pilot with the first instruments.

Today Breitling continues Gaston and Leon’s vision by continuing the goal of providing aviation employees the tools they need to beat time, and watches that consumers can use for a lifetime.

How To Spot A Fake Breitling

In the 1980’s very good replicas and fake Breitling watches began to make their way into the market.  Most of them were the Breitling Aviator and Sports divers watch, Crosswind, Navitimer, and Fighter.  Unfortunately for consumers, buying a real Breitling watch can be disastrous because the fakes are actually really good.

One of the best ways to spot a fake is to look at the logo.  If the logo is printed, most likely it is not a real Breitling watch.  However, if the logo is embossed you are one step closer to the genuine thing.

Looking at the logo is only one way to spot a fake Breitling. If a Breitling is genuine the window for the date is large and will overlap into the second and the minute hands.

Additionally, a genuine Breitling’s dial will always have a perfect anchor, most replicas have an imperfect anchor which lacks polish.

Another way to spot a fake is to focus on the center dial.  The pin that holds the center dial together should be the same color as the dial, usually silver.  A Breitling without this attribute is a fake.

If you come across a really good Breitling replica, and all of the above have passed. There is another sure fire way to discover if it is a fake. The inner bezel should smoothly blend into the dial.  If bezel is rough, a complete drop, has a distinct black line, or has no bezel at all, it is a fake. Also, notice how the subdials on the fake is raised, the subdials on a genuine Breightling is never raised.

Always remember to examine your Breitling thoroughly before buying to insure  you receive a wonderful watch that can last for generations to come.

Breitling’s Orbitor 3

Breitling is known for its longtime cooperation with the world of aviation. The aviation industry needed Breitling, who specialized in industrial timing instruments, to add its passion for cutting edge instruments that matched the growth of the industry. As a result of this partnership, the Breitling Orbitor program was born and the Breitling Orbitor 3 was the first balloon to fly around the world non-stop. The Breitling Orbitor 3 was 180 feet tall when fully inflated and was piloted by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones.

Features of the Orbitor 3 included:

  1. Propane gas fueled 6 burners
  2. Burners were enclosed in 28 titanium cylinder
  3. Built out of Kevlar and carbon fiber
  4. Solar panes recharged batteries for electricity
  5. Satellite based GPS systems

Despite the nay sayers, Bertrand and Brian took off on March 1, 1999 from the Swiss Alpines and landed in Egypt on March 21, 1999 . The success of the journey shows Breitling’s ongoing support of aviation that can be seen in watch designs today.To celebrate that courageous journey, there are three watches that I think really celebrate Breitling’s aviation theme. The first two watches are the Cockpit and Cockpit Lady. Both watches have all the amenities of legendary sports watches including a screw-locked crown and screwed caseback, scratch resistant sapphire crystals, rotating rider-tab bezel, and water resistance to 1,000 feet for the Cockpit and 330 feet for the Cockpit Lady.

The third watch is the Skyracer. This innovative watch has one of the most efficient self-winding chronograph in its category. Breitling didn’t stop there, the Skyracer also has a Caliber 27 which enables dual visualization of measured times. This amazing technology allows peerless readability of any measurement under 1 hour using the 60 minute totalizer. It also boasts two different readings at one time! For long trips one hand will read the time and the other will read the time elapsed.

Each of these watches can be explored in greater detail at Breitling’s website.

Breitling for Bentley

One of my favorite Breitling collections is Breitling for Bentley. The two brands couldn’t have been matched better by cupid himself. Both brands have a love for complex mechanics, prestige, performance, and history. Not only do they have matching business focuses, but both brands sport a winged version of the letter B for their logos. As a result of this match made in heaven a wonderful collection of chronographs were born and adopted by both watch enthusiast and the automobile world. Below is an overview of the Breitling for Bentley collection including details of my two favorite models which celebrate “beautiful motors encased in beautiful bodywork.”

Bentley 6.75

Named after Bentley’s largest engine, the 6.75 litre that can be found under the hood of the Bentley’s Arnage Limousines, this watch comes water resistant with a screw-locked crown, and special decorated back. Buyers have a choice of steel, yellow or gold… and of course luxury lovers can buy a limited edition in rose or yellow gold.

Buyers of the watch can expect a Breitling Calibre 44B, self winding system, 30 minute and 12-hor totalizers, “Large aperture” calendar, and a COSC chronometer-certification.

Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon

This watch is a true combination of watch enthusiast and car lovers, just look at the name! Mulliner is a Bentley workshop and Tourbillion is a sophisticated mechanism in watchmaking.

Originality was the goal of this design because over the next two years only a few dozen will be made at the rate of two per month. The Bentley Mlliner Tourbillon include attributes such as a Breitling Calibre 18B, 1/6th of a second chronography, 21,600 vph, 26 jewels, 15-minute totalizer, and Pointer-type calender. It can be purchased in platinum, yellow, rose or white gold.

Other models of this amazing collection include the Bentley GMT, Bentley Motors, Bentley Motors T, Bentley GT, Bentley GT Racing, Flying B, Flying B Chronograph, Mark VI, Mark VI Complications 19, Mark VI Complications 29. Visit online to view these beautiful watches and the cars that inspired them or check out the commercials below for a quick look into the collection.