Baby Boomers for Breitling

A stumbled across a beautiful and well written article about Breitling entitled Baby Boomer Men, Branding & Breitling from the Boomers: A Trip into The Heart of the Baby Boomer Generation blog.

The author, Brent Green, slowly begins his discussion talking about Leon Breitling’s beginnings in America in 1884. He describes the company….

Breitling has contributed to a meticulous industry by engineering chronograph technology onto the wrists of intrepid pilots, giving them measurement capacities needed to propel aviation into the stratosphere and beyond.

…and describes Breitling watches as tools for mankind not just instruments for professionals.

The article then takes an exciting turn and begins to delve into the marketing genius that is Breitling by taking an aesthetic eye to the Breitling website using images and commentary while through in common Baby Boomer characteristics and anecdotes.

Great article… check it out.

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