Breitling Colt Quartz

What nickname would I give the Colt Quartz?  The “sturdy monster” because it was developed for the armed forces and it was built to outlast the Incredible Hulk.  This Breitling watch was actually the original Breitling model behind Breitling’s Colt collection and includes shock protectants, water resistance of 1,650 feet, and a frame built like a army tank.  This Breitling watch was built with a screw locked crown for easy handling and oversized hands and dials for easy reading.

The Breitling watches last long, but Breitling’s Colt Quartz watch comes with a eight year battery for those long lasting nights soldiers might experience on the field.  Other technical specs include a Breitling 74 caliber, SuperQuartz movement with thermo compensated quartz electronic and EOL indicator, dial aperture calendar, steel case, unidirectional and ratcheted bezel, two gasket crown, sapphire and glareproofed two sided crystal, 41.10 mm diameter, 13.30 mm thickness, 87.70 gr weight, and 20/18 mm interhorn width.

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