Replacing Your Breilting Watch Band

A popular topic for Breitling watch owners is where purchase and how change their Breitling watch bands.

Replacing your Breitling watch band becasue of damage or for a new look is easy.

  1. Make sure your new Breitling watch band matches the style of your Breitling watch
  2. Make sure you choose a size that is the perfect fit for your Breitling Watch by using a watch band size chart.  Most Breitling watch bands come in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. In order to tell which size band you will need for your Breilting watch you should measure the space between the lugs of your Breitling.  Lugs are simply where your Breiting watch band attaches to your Breilting watch. If you need help The Watch Prince  has a very useful conversion chart that will help you measure distance between the lugs on your Breitling watch.
  3. Each Breitling band should come with some sort of warranty that protects it in case of damage or simple wear and tear.
  4. Make sure you are careful when switching out your Breitling watch band, or leave it to your local jeweler.  For a step by step guide on changing the band yourself, The Watch Prince also gives great tips including placing your Breitling watch band on cloth or a soft surface before working and using the right tools need to easily manuever the switch.

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