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The Bentley Continental GT Has a Breitling Clock

We all want a Bentley Continental GT, the wood grain, the smell, the paint, the Bentley symbol on front, the rearview mirror, the back left tire, the license plate, the door handle… well you get what time it is.  Speaking of time, did you know that the Bentley Continental GT has a Breitling clock in it?

We all know Breitling and Bentley forged a very lucrative collaboration, and now they have taken it even a step further.  The difference between this clock and other Bentley car clocks is the new logo which is applied to the clock in gold with silver plated hands.  The clock is missing one thing though, a second hand, but who needs them anyway in a car.

With the greatest luxury being time, if you are in a Bentley I doubt you’d be counting seconds.